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“I’ve been a working actress for years, and I’ve worked with the best coaches in this business. None of them has given me what Elizabeth has.”

- Brenda Strong

13 Reasons Why, Super Girl, Pillow Talk, Fear the Walking Dead, The 100, Dallas

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“Elizabeth transformed my acting! She freed me up.  I was sometimes too technical and hesitant to bring the real ME to the scenes.  Once she helped me overcome that, I have been booking ever since.  I call it the GAMZA EFFECT! She's the best!"

- Jaylen Moore

Six, Quantico​, The Night Shift, Chicago Med

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“The first time I worked with Elizabeth, not only did I get the job, but it changed the way I worked forever. I’ve never felt so cared for by a teacher, she both nurtures and talks straight. And every time I work with her, I kick butt!”

- Lauren Tom

Andi Mack, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, The Newsroom, The Joy Luck Club

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"Elizabeth has made me fall in love with acting all over again. My work has never been better and I feel reconnected to the artistry that got me started in the first place.  Elizabeth works with each actor on their individual needs and allows each student to bring out their most authentic, unique self, which in turn is what we as consumers and artists are really after.  If you're sick of the Hollywood machine and you need to remember why you became an actor, Elizabeth is the teacher you've been looking for."

- Ari Frenkel

Silicon Valley, There's...Johnny!, Rizzoli & Isles, Transparent

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“I was astounded by Elizabeth’s powers of perception. Working with her has restored my confidence as an actor. It’s leading me back to a place of faith and trust and fun. I recommend her to everyone looking for a great coach.”

- John L. Bader

NCIS, Shiloh Falls, The Practice

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“A true “best kept secret” in our business.”

- Steve Tom

Ghost Light, Major Crimes, Brooklyn Nine-nine, The Spoils Before Dying

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“Elizabeth’s coaching is priceless – you see people grow before your eyes. She completely “gets” each and every actor who goes onstage; and not once did I hear a disempowering, demeaning or abusive word.”

- Lauri Johnson

Mom, The Middle, Mike & Molly, Shameless

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“Working with Elizabeth I have found my ‘voice’ and taken a stronger stand as an actor. She has great insight and the ability to recognize your strengths and help you build on them.”

- Michael Keeley

The Sandman, Del Playa, One Under The Sun

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“No one was more skeptical of acting coaches than myself. After getting close a lot for parts, I decided to give Elizabeth a try. I could tell right away this was something different. She was able to understand exactly how I was approaching the work and why I was not able to close the deal. She provided a very practical, real, deep and meaningful way not just to work but how to approach the auditions. Nothing short of genius. Oh, and she has coached me now for several jobs and I have booked them all!! I understand your skepticism and hesitancy when it comes to acting coaches but Elizabeth is unique and exceptional. Going to Elizabeth has been the single greatest career move I have made.”

- John Hartmann

GLOW, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Last Tycoon, Black-ish


“Elizabeth's class has been transformative.  I was able to connect with my craft in a new way.  I learned to release old programming that wasn't working and allow myself to drop into the space of organic "be-ing" that was authentic and in the moment.  Feeling safe in her class allowed me a new confidence that I could then bring into the rooms for auditions.  I'm so grateful for Elizabeth."

- Laura Baggett

The Clinic


"Elizabeth Gamza not only changed my acting career...she changed my life. Her ability to dig deep into your soul and know exactly what you need to elevate yourself and your career is extraordinary.  Life changing is the only way to put it. Elizabeth goes beyond acting and helps you find your true voice and teaches you how to infuse that into each and every character you bring to life. Once you have that, you are totally unstoppable in every room, at every audition, on every set. I have fully dropped in to what I have to offer and for that I am eternally grateful."

- Kimleigh Smith

9-1-1, Criminal Minds


“Elizabeth has changed the way I think about my acting. She's taught me to trust my instincts, and reminded me that I am enough. Elizabeth celebrates what makes you special, and teaches you how to bring those qualities to every character you inhabit. I cannot express enough in words how simply remarkable she is, and how I will always consider her my closest ally in this business.”

- Scott Shiltone

Days of Our Lives


"Elizabeth is a gift to not only actors, but to anyone who wants to enrich their lives or profession. She helps you get back to “yourself”, which is key to getting the career you desire. I’ve worked with Elizabeth for over 16 years & continue to grow as an artist with her support & guidance, especially as my life and needs change. I’ve seen other acting teachers/studios breed co-dependency in their class rooms, having a tendency to make you feel as though you “need” them. Elizabeth is quite the opposite. She encourages you to find your inner guidance system & to become creativily self sufficient. Her feedback is nurturing & truthful. I’m grateful for her & always leave a session feeling inspired."

- Sarah McElligott

The Onion Movie

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